Weekly Update

Apparently yesterday was valentine's day? Hoosband and I continued our traditional celebration of "hey, is it okay if we don't do anything?" "sure, maybe I'll go pick up some cheap chocolate tomorrow if I remember."

Instead, the whole family has been sick this week, which... sucks. (I was mildly sick on Thursday, Rutabaga spent Saturday in a fever, and just as she was getting better, Hoosband came home sick on Monday, which then sent Rutabaga into a second fever yesterday and today. Meanwhile, I've been having back problems that make sitting and bending over not-fun. (Well, am also being mildly sick).

Anyways, from 2/8-2/15:
- [RUTA] drafted a Rutabaga comic
- [XXX] drew a pic and wrote ~400 words. (And also deleted about the same amount, so...)
- [XXX] colored a coloring book page for fun chat times. Oh, also made some emoji.
- [SOUP] drew Prompt Comic #5, which has collected a larger-than-expected amount of fandom tears. :3

Also! I went to a local zine thing, spent a lot of time on slack, and gave a 2-hr comics presentation to some teenagers. XD

Weekly Update(s)

I had a very unproductive week, followed by a very productive week. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

From 1/25-2/1:
- Tried to draw chibi Steve punching chibi nazis. Failed miserably.
- Had weird mod existential crisis
- Drew a "Happy Year of the Cock!" thingie
- Drew B+ Parenting
- Made a log of all the learningtocomic posts, and which ones are still available

Mostly I re-read a lot of fic and tried not to freak out about all the Muslim Ban stuff.

From 2/1-2/8:
- Drew an Hourly Comic!
- Drew 3! fully rendered!! pics for CapRBB submissions #2!!!
- Drew >Prompt Comic #4, which I needed to procrastinate a week on before I excised my anxiety. I think it was good for me, to attempt to plot out action. But I'm also glad I'm done with it.
- Drew Cap RBB submission #3! Guyz, I know the art previews are supposed to be anonymous, but when the authors see them on Mar 1 (it's not too late to sign up!), mine are ... painfully obvious? You'd be like "ayup, those are the Soup submissions all right."

Anyways, it's a good week of challenging myself in the art dept and learning a bit in the process. I haven't written a word in 2 weeks, though. I hope I'll be able to remedy that this week!

Weekly Update

I guess these are now just "update Thursday, talk about Wednesday" type things now?

I might have remembered to update yesterday if I weren't so busy freaking out about Trump's executive orders. (And then dealing with Hoosband's freakout.) Wow, to think that last week at this time, I didn't know it could get this bad, this fast. I've been staying off tumblr because it's hard enough dealing with this IRL.

Anyway, from 1/18-1/25:
-[SOUP] completely re-drafted and then drew prompt comic #3
-[SOUP] got the people on slack to do an "Artist and their hands" thing.
-[XXX] drew 6 comic pages and wrote ~700 words
-[XXX] worked on shipping

I might need to take the freebie week for the next prompt comic -- it's an action scene and I'm shit at them. Also, it's Chinese New Year this weekend, so ... there will be lots of food being eaten. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(I might also make use of the freebie week to draft some Rutabaga comics. It's been Too Long.)

Weekly Update

A day late again. Oh well.

From 1/11-1/18:
- [SOUP] finished prompt comic #2
- [SOUP] laid down some rough colors for CapRBB entry #2
- [SOUP] finished Cap RBB comic! (Inking, coloring, all that jazz.)
- [XXX] wrote 700 words, but somewhat unsatisfactory
- [SOUP] did a draft of prompt comic #3, but also unsatisfactory

Re: prompt comic #3, which has to be a "no words" comic -- should I:
- let Bucky and Steve hug?
- show what's up with the cactus?
- switch to a completely different scene/location altogether?

Weekly Update

Ack, I forgot to post yesterday! Cap Reverse BB launched, and I've been spending waaaaay too much time in the slack channel. But it's pretty cool, seeing all these art folks talk to each other.

From 1/4 to 1/11:
- [XXX] wrote 600 words
- [SOUP] drew prompt comic #1!
- [SOUP] laid out the comic for CapRBB submission #1 and inked half of it!
- [SOUP] laid out prompt comic #2 and CapRBB submission #2

Earlier today I was like "omg comics are so much fun to draw, why did I stop?"

And then I spent 3 hours inking and fiddling with 4 panels, and now I'm like "... oh yeah, that's why..."

I need to draw shittier.

Weekly Update

I actually came here to write my weekly art progress, and then got distracted writing a long post so... yah.

This week I had a fun comics-friends hangouts at my new place, did the standard New Year's taiko, and both Hoosband and Rutabaga recovered from their respective colds. Also! Watched Moana and have had the songs stuck in my head for the last 5 days. :DDD. Also: I slept.

From 12/28-1/4:
- [XXX] Wrote ~800 words, trimmed ~400 words, drew a pic, and posted the 2400 word thing
- [XXX] Drew some doodles on a whim
- [SOUP] did and mod work for capreversebb, setting up the forms and the slack channel and all that jazz.
- [SOUP] wrote this post about paying for web platforms and the possibility of migrating to DW

Tumblr, LJ, DW

So, I had a shared blog on tumblr called learningtocomic, where me and a couple of friends would occasionally post things about our comicking shenanigans, and oftentimes use it as a platform for thinking through various aspects of the comicking process. It had a respectable 200+ followers.

And then it got deleted due to tumblr stupidity. (Someone reported one of the other mod's sideblog, and ALL of their blogs got deleted, even ones where they're just a mod of.)

That's.... that's a lot of content that has now disappeared into thin air. I only reblogged a few posts onto my potofsoup, so parts of it just really isn't recoverable. I'm still waiting for a response from tumblr support before I go around salvaging what I can, but in the meantime, I'm thinking a lot about the content that we create here, for free, and put up on this here website.

Server space isn't free. Designing and maintaining a web platform isn't free. Tumblr is "free" in that they are hoping to make money off of us through advertisements. LJ is "free" in that they post ads on the pages that people visit. DW doesn't post ads, but they need to be sustained through paid accounts, and because they don't have as much money, they don't have a lot of development muscle.

Right now, what with the LJ servers moving to Russia, and some predictions that the Russian company wants to gradually phase out the American (money-losing) side of LJ, I hear that many people are decamping to DW. With Yahoo basically in freefall, I think tumblr will die in a few years. Already, various fandoms are going in different directions: imzy, discourse, etc.

Further fracturing of fandom aside, that doesn't solve the problem that we keep expecting hosting and web platforms to be free. Fandom, which generates a lot of free content (and accompanying wank), requires hosting and web platforms that aren't free. It requires not just server space, but also developers and support personnel and good management who actually considers our needs. When a service is "free", it means that at least one of those things is missing. Tumblr doesn't consider our needs. LJ is poorly managed. DW could probably use some more personnel, and has very little server space.

So we are faced with two options:
(1) migrate from site to site like digital vagrants, losing content and communities along the way, or
(2) pay.

I'm not saying that *everyone* has to pay. Half of fandom are still in school, and another quarter are working 2 jobs and barely making ends meet. But my experiences in fandom has also really shown me its generosity. I recently was putting together a fan anthology, and had a payment process that was "pay what you can if you have financial trouble" coupled with "chip in $5 or $10 if you can help", and the donations not only covered the people who couldn't afford full price, but also covered incidental printing and shipping costs.

Which is to say -- it's doable, if we don't take web platforms for granted. If, when we migrate to the next place, we say "let us pay what we can" instead of diving straight into creating beautiful works of art (and then scrolling past the flame wars.)

And by "doable" -- well, here is my plan of action:
1) buy a DW paid account, even though I don't have any use for its current paid features. Because its developers need money if I want them to improve the site.
2) make some suggestions to DW for features that would make the site better. (Top on my list: option to buy image hosting, ease of posting to different accounts, ability to reblog)
3) start consolidating my creative content on DW, and crossposting there. (Maybe other people might slowly move there, as well, especially if the site is given the financial strength to improve.)
4) pay for fanart, fanfics, original writing, original art, etc. Because the work we create is also worth something.

Weekly Comic Prompts, Jan - Mar

Below are the weekly comic prompts that I made for myself for the next 12 weeks. Let's hope I do them!

  1. Happy-drunk with friends
  2. Waking up in a new location
  3. No dialogue
  4. Unexpected attack
  5. Desperately missing a person
  6. Doing a chore or running an errand.
  7. Up close and personal (no wide or mid-range shots)
  8. Flying
  9. Encountering a scene of devastation
  10. Choosing NOT to do something
  11. Unusual POV (play with fun angled shots!)
  12. Finding something or someone unexpected

Weekly Update

Being sick kind of sucks. This time, the baby got sick, I got sick, and now Hoosband's sick. So, yeah.

But, the "work on something creative" Daily on HabitRPG has helped!

From 12/21-12/28
- [SOUP] inked Candy Cane Bucky
- [SOUP] drew two Artyuletides [1] [2]. And mostly finished the wrangling!
- [XXX] wrote 1400 words. Sure, about 400 of them are going to be deleted, but hey, it's something.